W.A. Jones Owners and Sign

Only the third owners since the company's beginnings in 1885, Greg McNeal (L) and John McGill (R) are committed to maintaining the high standards that have been established over the years while expanding the line of products offered to our customers.

Come see us! We back up to US 30 about 15 miles west of Fort Wayne, Indiana (that's in the NE part of the state just a few miles west of Ohio and south of Michigan). 

Our assembly area is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. We believe our application crews are equal to any and better than most. After all, our reputation is the result of their efforts. The best product in the world is useless if it's poorly or improperly installed.

We do the smaller trucks too! Here are a few truck jobs recently completed. Basically, if it goes on a truck, we can do it. The tough and unusual are favorites because we get the opportunity to exercise our thinking processes and become creative.
Doing your truck your way is our goal!

Lift Bed Truck
Municipal Dump Truck Pair
Lift Bed Truck 1B
Dump Truck 1C
Snow Plow and Dump Body

A few pictures of our "Back 40" along US Hwy 30. Our "on site" inventory allows us to get your selected body or other equipment assembled and in your hands, ready to go to work as quickly as possible without cutting a single corner.

Platform Transformer Truck Body

W.A. Jones