Flat Beds


Knapheide PGNB:

Knapheide is our most popular flat bed providing a clean smooth look while being rugged. This specific model has a built in gooseneck ball in the bed along with an available Class 4 insert hitch and LED light package. Also available in aluminum


Knapheide PGNC:

The PGNC has all of the excellant features of the PGNB but also includes built in boxes with a seemless fender between the bed and the box. Not only does this look great, it also provides more storage as the boxes are built right into the bed.


Knapheide PVMX:

The PVMX is the most popular platform body providing a selection of floor materials to choose from: Pine, Apitong, Treadplate Steel, Smooth Steel, or a Poly Composite Floor. Need rub rails? Step up to the Heavy Hauler Jr. for the same platform including rub rails.


Knapheide Heavy Hauler:

The Heavy Hauler is the most severe duty platform body that Knapheide makes. This body has structural channel steel long sills, a heavy duty bulkhead, rub rails, and cross sills 12" on center."


Industrial Truck Beds:

Industrial Truck Beds is a local company that has taken the market by storm with their commercial products. If you can dream up a custom bed, ITB can create it. They offer beds in both mild steel as well as stainless.


Future Line:

Future Line produces premium quality aluminum flatbeds with many different side compartment options to choose from.

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