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Total Control Over Tough Vegetation
Since 1968, Tiger Corporation has become one of the largest manufacturer's of industrial mowing equipment designed for roadside vegetation throughout North America. Tiger provides long lasting, durable rotary and flail type mowing equipment. If you are looking to get the most out of your investment, look to the engineered design and strength of a TIGER MOWER .

Products that Last:
Tiger Corporation has a full line of mowing equipment designed to today's tough vegetation management issues.  The Saber Series of boom mowers is our biggest and most powerful model. Its rotary mower head can easily mow down tree limbs up to 8" in diameter. For those grass and light brush areas, attach a flail head that can cut tree limbs up to 4" in diameter.
The Saber XB series can  reach out over 30 feet from the center line of the tractor and reach up more than 27 feet for trimming tree braches.

A Tiger Mid-mount Side mower is available with rotary or flail cutter heads.  Both types of mowers are powered by a high horsepower independent pump and reservoir system for all day production.  Available in 60" or 72" Rotary or 60",75",90" Flail type mowers.

Rear Rotary and Rear Flail cutters provide additional production to your tractor. Add a 60" Rear Hydraulic Rotary or a 75", 90", 96" or 102" Rear Flail and cut twice the amount of material in a single pass.