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What starts as a platform can become almost anything else you might want ... like the "Transformer" toys.

Alum-Line Platform Body

Alum-Line has over 20 years experience of bringing you the best in custom aluminum products. Alum-Line's main product lines include all types of trailers, truck bodies, and tool boxes. Alum-Line offers superior design, engineering, workmanship, materials and customer service. You can count on it. Alum-Line means value.

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W.A. Jones


The Toughline platform is the foundation for most body options. Be assured our bodies rest on a solid foundation.

The Structureline platform is built for rough service.  Load it down and work it hard. The structural steel channel throughout will handle your toughest job.

The 9’4"  body has 7 structural cross members plus a structural front rail covered and reinforced with floor plate. There is more. The rear rail/apron is formed 3/l6” plate 10 5/8” deep. See the specs on the receiver hitch. And the gooseneck hitch of 6” structural, 4” structural, ½” plate and 3/16” plate all tied together then welded into both the longsills and crossmembers.

We took the very popular Rancher Special and added an electric hydraulic bale spike. This model will fast become your favorite piece of equipment. Simple, rugged design for trouble free service. Quick removal of dual forged bale spikes allow easy access to body and gooseneck hitch. Heavy-duty hinge points and a heavy-duty 12-volt gear pump are standard. The Racher Special Bale Spike Body includes recessed gooseneck hitch with trap door; a heavy-duty receiver hitch, 3" structural crossmembers and 6" longsills.

This Rancher Special is handsome but strong.  It’s got guts.  Example: