About Vanair

W. A. Jones is proud to announce our partnership with Vanair. Vanair has been providing obile power solutions since 1972, offers the most comprehensive product line of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders, hydraulics, chargers/boosters, engine starters and custom products in the world.

Elevating the meaning of Mobile Power Solutions through innovative design, training and support, Vanair engineers rugged and dependable products that are used to improve efficiency and productivity worldwide. Vanair has over 70 standard commercial models ranging from 10 to 1500 CFM, available in multiple configurations to meet your needs.

Vanair serves customers such as the mechanic and service industry, municipalities, utilities, railroad maintenance, Department of Defense and construction.

Above Deck Sytems


Hydraulically Driven:

Vanair's hydraulically driven rotary screw air compressors are excellent for trucks with a PTO and Pump allowing for a 100% duty cycle compressor without an engine driven unit. These units run off the chassis supplied hydraulics and give 30-185 CFM at 100-150 PSI.


Engine Driven:

If your preference is a bolt on and go unit the engine driven compressors are the way to go. With both reciprocating and rotary screw compressors there is a perfect match for your specific application. These units come in 18-80 CFM at 100-150 PSI. Different tank sizes are optionable as well.

Under Deck Systems


PTO Driven Underdeck:

The underdeck systems by Vanair provide a unit that bolts directly onto the PTO of the chassis and can provide any combination of Air, Generator, and Hydraulic functions all while being under the truck mounted to the frame rail. The compressor comes in 100-185 CFM and the generator comes in 6.6-25 kW.

PowerFlex System



The PowerFlex line allows for an engine driven unit that provides more than just a compressor. In addition to the air funtion the PowerFlex gives the user a generator and the capability to run their trucks hydraulic systems without having the chassis running saving on fuel and costly emmissions filters. Air is rated at 40 CFM, Generator at 6kW, and Hydraulics at 3000 PSIG

Air N Arc All in One System


Air N Arc:

The Air N Arc is the ultimate in all in one performance. Providing a unit that does up to 6 funtions. Air, Generator, Welder, Battery Booster, Battery Charger, and Hydraulics for Auxilary Units. Air is rated at 20-40 CFM, Generator at 4.2-7 kW, charging at 150-300 Amp, and a 13 GPM Hydraulic Unit. This unit also has an optional remote control panel that allows for main unit to be fully controlled from the ground, keeping the operator from climbing in and out of the chassis.

Engine Starting Systems


Start All:

Vanair recently aquired the company Goodall, the provider of engine starting units. These units allow for a powerful jump starting unit that quickly and effectivly starts an engine with a dead battery. This is done completely separate from a chassis's own system limiting wear and tear on the your trucks.

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