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W.A. Jones Truck Bodies and Equipment

W. A. Jones is a supplier of all types of truck equipment to all categories of trucks, from light duty pickups to the largest of Class 8 vehicles. W. A. Jones can do it all. Our facility is located Columbia City, IN, and is the largest single location truck equipment dealer in the state of Indiana. We pride ourselves in having great customer service, providing the best product brands in the industry, and our unique production capabilities in the truck equipment market.

W. A. Jones has been in business for over 140 years and is the oldest continuously operating business in Whitley County, In. Founded in 1880 by the Jones family, long before trucks were even invented, it started as a stockyard, fur buyer and livestock feed supplier. When gas-powered vehicles were first being used the Jones’ figured out a way to put wagon beds on vehicles and thus, the first work trucks came into existence. The Jones family continued to own and operate the business for three generations until Steve Jones sold the business to Bill Emmertt of Albion, IN, in 1972. It was during Bill’s ownership that the business was moved from downtown Columbia City to its current location at 1171 S. Williams Drive in the Gateway Industrial Park in Columbia City. In 1999 Bill decided to retire and sold the business to Greg McNeal and John McGill. It was under their ownership that the company experienced tremendous growth and went from 3.8 acres to over 20 acres and from 11 employees to around 50 people, becoming the largest retail truck equipment dealer in the state. In 2019 the business transitioned once again when Greg and John decided to partner with the private equity firm, Foundation Investment Partners and lay the foundation for future expansion and growth.

The team at W. A. Jones takes great pride in our business and bases everything we do on our Core Values, which are Moral Character, Customer Focused, Be Humble, Be Reliable, and Stay Motivated. The focus of all of our team is to create solutions that will improve our customers’ ability to do their jobs.


Nothing is too large or too small for W. A. Jones. Give one of our outstanding people a call. We can help you with all your truck equipment needs.

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