Sand & Salt Spreaders Combo

Snow & Ice Equipment / Liquid & Brine Application / Sand & Salt Spreaders Combo

HTrackTM 2-way GPRS tracking & control system
Controller with automatic GPS speed control
adjusts the amount of spreading material (lbs/1000
sq ft) according to your vehicle speed.
12 volt dual motors mounted inside a sealed
weather-resistant enclosure.
Automatic vibrator prevents material from clogging.
Feed mechanism: 6” Stainless steel auger with
variable pitch or 12” pintle chain conveyor.
Poly chain pan insert (pintle chain only)
Inverted-V helps reduce heavy start-up loads on the
feed mechanism.
Includes an accessory wire for optional work light
and beacon light that can be activated from the
standard controller.

Optional Equipment

LED work light
Beacon-Strobe lights
LED Stop/Tail/Brake lights
24V motors and control system
Leg stand
Tarp kit
Adjustable spreading symmetry from inside the cab.
Extended auger (+ 24’’) for optimization of vehicle
axle loading.
Extended chute for truck beds over 48” height
End of material alarm sensor on spinner

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