Heavy-Duty Swaploader

Truck Bodies / SwapLoader Bodies / Heavy-Duty Swaploader

50,000 lb Capacity Hook Lift up to 65,000 lb Capacity Hook Lift 

Chassis GVW Range: 50,000 ++  

Cab to Trunion Ranges: 165” to 190” 

Available Body Lengths: 17’ up to 24’  

Optimum Body Lengths: 18’ up to 22’ 

 Hook Height: 62”, Adjustable 54” 

Adjustable Jib 

Optional Equipment

Container Variable System (CVS)

Hydraulic Pumps

Electric over Hydraulic Valve Kits

Hydraulic Control Kits

Hydraulic Rear Stabilizer

Shelf Assembly

Dual Rear Rollers

Rear Bumper

Rear Light Bar Kit

Cab Guard

Mud Flaps


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